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Wisdom Tooth Removed!!!


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Mar 8, 2008
I just want to explain my situation quickly. For the last 3 weeks I have been deeling with life dominating ,severe Axiety over having to have a horizontily impacted lower wisdom tooth removed . I actually went to the office 2 weeks ago but ran out in fear, panic ,hyperventilating. not being able to do it. After that I said to myself How in Gods name am I going to have my teeth taken care of, this is going to be a real Battle ,A war. The Anxiety this created in my life was conquering me. I have a wife three kid, 3 houses, work full time I had to overcome this fear. Well 2 hrs ago I have successfully conquered my Fear. Wisdom tooth is removed. I took .5mg alprazolam before recieving IV sedation. The IV sedation worked amazing amazing amazing. In the office I was hyperventilating , heart pounding like what felt like 200 bpm. Blood pressure was souring. Iam telling anyone out there that if you are having a problem with your teeth that is dominating you life. Fight, fight, fight and go do it. Thank you and thank God for this forum it has helped me tremendously
Way to go-- you must be so proud of yourself for summoning up the guts to go have it done!!! :jump::jump:

I'm really glad to hear that our stories have helped you through. :XXLhug:
hurray for you:cheers:

It's good to hear wizzie succes stories as myn are most-likely going to need to be taken out in a year or two:)