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Wisdom Tooth Replacement



Junior member
May 19, 2020

So I know from my reading online that this goes against what a lot of dentists recommend and believe, hence why I am searching for a referral to dentists who might be willing to do it. Basically, I got a wisdom tooth extracted because it had a cavity in it and I would like a replacement tooth for it.

My reasoning for wanting a replacement tooth (32) is that my bite and jaw feel "off" after its removal. I am 31 and my wisdom teeth grew in around 12 years ago, meaning my jaw and facial muscles have become accustomed to having a tooth there. I can literally feel the muscles in my face "relax" when I put a cotton pad in the space where the tooth was located, as well as the tingling in my lip and pain in my other teeth decrease when there is something in the extraction site. Additionally, I know why the cavity developed and what to be careful of in future now, because food is getting stuck in the extraction site and the cavity developed on the side of the exterior side of the tooth because my toothbrush has a hard time reaching there, however, I have found it possible to clean that area with a smaller brush.

Could you recommend some dentists whom I can contact who would be willing to do a replacement for tooth 32?


Super Moderator
Staff member
Sep 18, 2017
Hi mwpetri,

I think teeth are always about the overall situation in your mouth, the relation to the rest of your teeth and the technical doability of a procedure. You obviously have real symptoms and those arose after the removal, so in my opinion, seeing any dentist who listens to you and takes your issues seriously and see how your jaw could get right again would be a good idea. I see you seem to just wanting the tooth back and maybe that is possible and the right way and maybe there is another way to get your muscles to feel comfortable again. So maybe seeing the issue more broadly and finding a dentist willing to help you to solve the issue might be a good start.

All the best wishes