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Wisdom Tooth SUCCESS



Junior member
May 7, 2010
Western MA
Here is my story from today - definitely read this if you're about to have your wisdom teeth out and want to hear a success story! :)

So I was absolutely TERRIFIED to have my wisdom teeth out - I was convinced either the surgeon was going to paralyze my jaw, or I was going to wake up during the procedure and feel everything.

First of all, the surgeon was nice enough to actually let me bring in my anatomy textbook and explain that damaging the mandibular branch of the trigeminal nerve would NOT paralyze my jaw. At a worse case, RARE scenario, it can become numb or tingle. Secondly, I don't remember ANYTHING from IV sedation, and the novocaine kept me numb for hours afterward, so NO PAIN during the operation.

Needless to say, I highly recommend IV sedation. I went into the office and they sat me in the chair and took my vitals. My normal blood pressure is 90/50 (low due to genes and the fact that I'm a runner) but before the procedure it was 140/88 hahahaha. Putting the IV in was no big deal for me, as I am not afraid of needles, but if you are afraid of needles, there will likely be an assistant or two in the room with you. One of mine held my hand because I asked her to and I was so afraid of the procedure. Don't be afraid to ask them that! They wouldn't have gone into a field of working with terrified people if getting to help others didn't make their day. (At least I believe that's how it works for most of them!!!)

I don't remember anything from the procedure, and my OS put something in the IV to prevent swelling, so I not swollen at all!!

As for post-op pain, the other topic I'm sure everyone is so anxious to hear about!!!

All four of my wisdom teeth were impacted. Three were vertical, the bottom right was horizontal. That was the one that had to be cut into pieces in order to get it out. Now, I took half an oxycodone as soon as I got home, and about an hour and a half later, half a pill was not cutting it with that bottom right tooth. At its worst, on a pain scale of 1 to 10, I'd give it at least a 6. I took the other half, and then a whole pill when it was time and that has reallllly took the edge off the pain. With the oxycodone, it is *definitely* manageable. To be honest, with the oxy, I have had more painful menstrual periods. (Which, does not help you guys out there, and might speak more to my awful menstrual experiences, which belongs in another thread.) All in all, my point about the pain is that right now, in my experience, just take as much oxy or whatever they give you that you can take, and the pain is more than manageable. I'm not going to lie and say it's doesn't hurt, but it is definitely manageable. My mom took me for a ride, which I was able to enjoy, even with the pain, if that gives you a better idea of what I am going through.

My mom is now making me pancakes, which I am about eat, (luckily none of these drugs made me nauseous!!) My advice: go have those suckers out, you will feel SOOOOO relieved when they are out and proud of yourself that you were able to do it!!!!

Good Luck to Everyone!!!
well done and thank you for sharing your story:respect:

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