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Wisdom Tooth/Sutures HELP!!!



Junior member
Nov 16, 2011
I had my upper right wisdom tooth and the tooth next to it removed last Friday morning. I did not have any pain. Not 1 pain killer. It has been a breeze. Just a little stiffness in my jaw. I have followed the rules. Today was the first cigarette I have smoked since last Thursday night. I didn't even finish it, smoked out of opposite side of the mouth, barely sucked on it. Today, Wednesday, one of the sutures fell out.Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. The Dr's office will be closed. I am scared to death of getting dry socket! The sockets look pink. I can't see a clot. I am freaking! I want to enjoy the holiday weekend! Have a drink, enjoy a smoke and eat some good food! Is it going to be ok?
You are well past the dry socket stage, the clot should have turned into healing tissue by now..........enjoy your holiday