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Wisdom tooth swelling



Junior member
Aug 9, 2016
I got 1 wisdom tooth removed my bottom right side one on friday and is now tuesday. Starting on sunday the swelling began to get worse in some ways starting off with puffy cheek, next was a swollen bottom lip with massive bruising on the inside appeared, the next morning swelling got worse and neck was a little sore when touching not bad pain or swelling. Today on tuesday swelling has only increased more to my upper cheek area affect my eye lids and nose now as well as my upper lip. To add to this the swelling is so fat my cheek is hard where it is visibly bruised on the outside that looks like those greenish colored bruises. Is this amount of swelling normal or should i consult my dentist? On the flip side i rarely take my percocets i have very little and minimal pain now and just take the 800 mgs of ibuprofen that is supposed to help with swelling and pain. Bleeding is very minimal just pinkish saliva very occasionally. Thoughts please guys. Thank you so much for any answers.
Hi I think you need to contact your dentist to have a look just to be sure. I am not a dentist but without been seen in person it would be very hard for a dentist to offer you an informed opinion.

There is no need to panic but as soon as the dentist is open contact them. :)