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Wisdom tooth too close to nerve to pull: Other Options



Feb 16, 2015
I have an erupting and infected wisdom tooth on lower right side which has a root intertwined with the nerve per a CT scan. My options given were:
1) to leave the wisdom tooth in to not cause nerve damage and have the molar #31 removed (it has a root canal and temporary crown part of which broke off) with the idea that the pocket that is getting infected will close up and not be infected anymore (but wizzie is erupting so I don't know how that will stop the infection).
2) have wisdom tooth removed in part and leave the part that is on the nerve in place.
3) remove wisdom tooth and take a chance that I will end up with permanent nerve damage.

Well I'm not a fan of ending up with permanent nerve damage and end up biting my tongue all the time so option 3 is not an option. As for number 2 I have read that leaving part of the wisdom tooth in will lead to chronic infection and make all the more difficult to remove what was left behind and increase the risk of nerve damage should that remaining piece need to be removed.

So option 1 seems to be the only option that makes a little sense even though I hate to have a molar pulled for the sake of a wisdom tooth. I'm in my mid fifties and obviously should have had the wisdom teeth removed in my teens or early 20s but back then I had no clue that my wisdom teeth should be removed nor would I have had the funds to do so. :rolleyes: So, I'm wondering if anyone has any other options.:confused:


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Jul 19, 2009
Miami, Fl
I can't commit on your specific case but in general when parts of roots are left behind and the tooth is healthy there is no problem.


Aug 3, 2015
What did you end up doing? I'm facing similar circumstances and don't know what to do.