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Wisdom woes dentist refused to help



Jun 12, 2013
Milton Keynes, Bucks, UK
Hi guys,
If you have seen some of my other posts on the board I have had a horrible time with my teeth recently, or rather the level of care I have received. I just seem to be unlucky. I have been having ongoing trouble with my gums, they have gotten rather sore and in places feel like they are burning sometimes, I also get some very short aches in other teeth. I saw my dentist and was referred to see a specialist, when I finally saw him he barely looked at me (less than 3-4 seconds) and then refused to help as he couldn't see a problem and insisted on referring me elsewhere. I decided to get a private appointment at another practice and was told my gums and cheeks are in fact sore and inflamed and it was likely down to my smoking (so I quit!). The gums have started to get better, but my wisdom teeth have decided to pick now to play up and to do so painfully, the problem I now face is the NHS specialist has refused to remove them and refused the advice of the private practice, unfortunately I cannot afford to have them taken out privately. I feel like I have just been pushed under the rug, I will not get the referred, referred appointment for at least well over a month due to waiting times (which is also many miles away which does not help my anxiety about getting dental work done) and in which is not for my wisdom teeth anyway.

I feel the only way out of this is legal action, but I'm not that kind of guy and the wisdoms are getting worse everyday. Has anyone else been caught in this way before? is there any other way to get them looked at? if not is their anything I can do at home to relieve the pain?
Hi I have had trouble in the past getting the treatment I have needed and I am afraid it will take a lot of patience and determination on your part to get your mouth sorted out.

Do you have a dental hospital near you or near enough for you to get to, they often do procedures as an emergency. Contact your dentist and explain what has happened or look around for another nhs dentist and see what they have to say.

Could you have the wisdom teeth taken out by your own dentist, this is possible if they are willing to do it. :butterfly: