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Wish I had done it years ago !!!!!!! (Buckinghamshire/Berkshire area



Junior member
Sep 16, 2011
For some unknown reason I hadn't been to a dentist in 20 years, It started off because of laziness and then after a few years had gone by it became a bit embarrassing to go back so I avoided it further, this then snowballed out of control and 20 yrs later my teeth were in a shocking state.
My Embarrassment was so high I didnt know what to do and was finding it hard to even face people, then I stumbled across this site.
Listening to peoples stories of how they overcame their embarrassment and eventually approached a dentist and were able to put right their poor dental care really encouraged me to do something about it.
So after taking advice from some of the stories i found a local dentist and emailed and explained my situation and my obvious shame and that how I wanted to do something about it but needed reassurances i wouldnt be made to feel uncomfortable and given a hard time.
My dentist emailed me back and was really sympathetic and convinced me that it was worth coming to see him and with his help he would be sure he could help get my dental health back on track.
I am so glad i did finally go, one of my other fears was that due to neglect the costs would be horrendous. But it wasnt nearly as horrific as i imagined and all i can say is I wish id gone years ago and perhaps i could have actually saved some teeth.....my advice is bite the bullet (excuse the pun) and just find a local practice, contact them and make sure they make you feel comfortable about approaching and just do it......it has honestly changed my life, i am actually smiling again.

Dont know if this is allowed but here is the guy I went to, well worth doing the same.


Apr 12, 2011
Well done MrB on taking the plunge and getting your mouth back on track:jump: I am still going through my journey (28 teeth out on 6th sept and no teeth for 6 weeks) but I wouldn't have been able to do this without the help and imformation from this fantastic forum. It really does help when you find a dentist that is sympathetic and one you can trust. x Dee x


Junior member
Sep 9, 2011
I was in exactly your shoes 2 weeks ago. Finally taking the plunge after 20 years. I feel so liberated now! My smile still has a way to go before I like it, but I have a very healthy mouth which is what is important. Congrats on your success. It makes a world of difference when you have an understanding dentist.
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