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Wizzie and Iv sedation my Success Story



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First off i like to thank everyone on this forum thats helped me through this like scared cops, kitty and everyone else. This made me wizer, ready and prepared for this sugery.

Monday July 24 3pm. In my consultation it went fairly easy no stuffing of xray sheets into my mouth, just an easy outside sit and xray will circle around you. The oral surgeon came in who was suprisingly young told me the 5 percent risk i was facing of my jaw being numb permenatly bc my roots were inbeded into my nerves.

Wed July 26 1 pm. Before goin into to the have the sugery i had to work all morning to pay off the 1500 dollar bill that was about to face me. I got to the office, signed all the forms and went in. the operation was fairly fast for all of my wizzie being pulled bc my father was trying to leave and come back and the nurse said it would take no longer than 40 min.

Went in to the room and the nurse ask if i was ok i said i was neverous and she said that was normal. I laid down on the chair which she reclined all the way down and put all the ekg monitoring on. The oral surgeon walked in and he was nice talking to, make the whole situation a whole lot easier. As i layed down he put that rubberband around my wrist so that a vein would show. He found a vein and inserted the neddle. It felt like a really weak ant bite. they then put the oxygen resporator around my nose thats when i saw the doc put something inside my iv, as he was doin that the nurse told me to lift my head up so that they can put a net around my hair thats when i completly knocked out and i mean like i coulndnt feel, hear or remember nothing. I dont even remember leaving the office i just remember vaugly pointing to my fathers car as the nurse was helping me.

Well the experience overall was well worth it. I got all four wisdom teeth out with the help of IV sedation. I cant believe i agonized for weeks for nothing. thanks to everyone who help.
Congratulations  :jump:
Thanks for sharing - that's a very positive account which will no doubt help reassure many other people.
I'm so happy that everything went so well for you! Congrats for doing it!

Sounds like everything went well and is reassuring to other people worried about same thing. You've been very brave. :jump:

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