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Wizzies removal and sedation consult questions



Junior member
Mar 17, 2021
Hi all,

Long story short, the past 5 months have been a wild yet unbelievably freeing journey in overcoming my dental fears and completing my treatment (so many visits, but I finally did it y'all, I overcame my fears and worked through my anxiety for the most part) BUT, now it's time to deal with my wisdom teeth (or wizzies as I prefer as it sounds like scary lol) and I'm beside myself with fear again. My dentist says they need to come out as they're causing me pain but he isn't confident to do it himself, partly due to the complexity of them and my anxiety because he doesn't want this procedure to negatively impact the progress I've made in overcoming my fears so far. He recommended that I get them done under sedation (he doesn't do sedation) so he has referred me to his colleague who has more experience with wisdom teeth and does sedation. The sedation is done via IV and I'm absolutely terrified of the whole thing (I've had BAD IV experiences for different things in the past and sedation just opens a whole other fear). Anyway, I have a consultation with this dentist today and I want to be as informed as possible.

I've set a rule for myself that I don't Google things that make me anxious and instead ask lots of questions in person to become properly informed. That way my head isn't being filled with every possible worst case scenario that isn't even applicable to my case and I don't spend days exhausted due to anxiety. So my question:

What questions would you ask at a wizzy consultation? What questions would you ask about sedation? What things were you unsure about? What didn't you know before having sedation?

I have a list of questions, some of them simple and probably silly but that's just how I cope. I need to be informed so that I can feel more in control and less anxious about the unknown. But I don't want to miss things so fire away...


Staff member
Jan 1, 2005
Hi Sandy103, asking in person rather than consulting with Dr. Google sounds like a VERY sensible idea!!

I just noticed that your consultation was today, so it's probably a bit late now to give suggestions for questions... just wondering: how did it go? Hoping that you got questions to all your answers and that you feel good about the new dentist you met today ?