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Nov 16, 2014
About a month ago, I had both of my lower wisdom teeth removed. I knew for a while that they had to come out, but was too scared. To make a long story short, one started to decay. I was referred to an oral surgeon and that was it. He immediately scheduled me for the following week, because my anxiety was so high.

The whole week I prayed and meditated. It works trust me. But, you also have to research and find an oral surgeon/dentist that will make you feel at ease. If going to sleep scares you don't worry, you will not remember a thing. I turned on my music and the last thing I remember was the intro of the first song.

Cake, Cake, Cake

As far as pain, you will experience some. Remember it is a surgery, but it is not unbearable. For the first week I took the Motrin 600 every 6 hours only and never used oxy. No swelling of the cheeks etc.
Plus, it also depends on how severe the procedure will be. MY were partial bony impacted wisdom teeth in the bottom. The had to shave a little bone due to my jaw's density and being over 30.

I was terrified about the procedure, but was back in gym 2 days later. The worst part about it was a severe headache no more painful than a migraine. I'm so thankful I had it done because the pain out is no where close to the pain in. And the Motrin def works.

Research, find a great dentist, and the rest is a cakewalk.


Oct 25, 2014
Thanks so much for sharing your positive experience getting your wisdom teeth removed! I'll be needing this procedure in the next few months, so it's really nice to hear from someone who's been there and survived, especially given all the internet horror stories. Glad to hear you're recovering well!

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