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Wobbly teeth & off centered bite?



Junior member
Sep 3, 2009
Hey everyone! I'll try to keep this simple. So, I had two wisdom teeth extracted in July. The bottom one (right side) was badly infected and had apparently started eating at my jaw bone. Since they were taken out my bite was totally off. I couldn't bite down on the other side of my mouth all the way. It was fine when I was eating food, but I had some pain and soreness all under my chin for months afterwards. I didn't go back to the dentist to fix it because I was pretty scared and wanted the extraction site to heal up incase they forced me to get the other side out! So now it's October, and I'm experiencing a lot of clicking sounds when I swallow, eat, etc. and about six of my teeth in the front are incredibly wobbly, which is very disturbing. I saw the dentist.. he said he thought the reason was because my teeth don't touch at the front (I have a huge overbite) and that my overall bite seemed fine even though I can definitely feel the difference. He said it wasn't possible for your mouth to shift like that after an extraction, but I'm not totally buying it. Why would all of this happen right after my wisdom teeth were removed then?

I have a cleaning tomorrow morning to see if I'm developing signs of gingivitis, the dentist didn't think so when he examined me quickly...

I know FOR SURE that I do not grind my teeth at night, because the people I sleep around have never heard it, and because I usually keep my (slightly oversized) tongue floating up... I never wake up with headaches, my jaw is not sore, etc.

So, I guess I'm scared that my jaw is on its way to dislocating and that my bite will be forced into a position that isn't natural for it. I'm not really sure what to do. Do you think the dentist was right and that it's impossible for my bite to do that after an extraction? Could my wobbly front teeth have any relation to the misalignment I am feeling?

Thanks a lot for any responses. Trying not to freak out about losing my teeth or having a broken jaw or anything like that, but it's pretty disconcerting when your dentist says he doesn't think it's doing what you think it's doing (obviously it is).... He did suggest a nightguard for the wobbly teeth, but as my mouth feels unnatural enough as it is I think the last thing I could stand is something sitting inside it that keeps it in that position....


Staff member
Verified dentist
Oct 25, 2005
I tend to go along with your dentist, but it is a bit odd that this all started with your wisdom tooth extraction. Grinding teeth isn't the only cause of jaw joint problems, clenching them can be worse, and that doesn't usually make any noise for others to pick up on. I get quite bad TMJ from time to time because I clench quite badly when I'm stressed, I even do it when I'm awake at times. A bite guard might be worth a try, even just to eliminate TMJ from the equation.