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Wobbly weird feeling in tooth directly adjacent to extraction site



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Hi everyone, this is my first post here, I hope I am placing this in the right area where a dentist can see, and give me helpful advice, and clear understanding. I apologize ahead of time as this is going to be an extremely long post because I will try to explain as clearly, and as detailed as possible so that it will be easier to diagnose what is going on with me.

About 2 and a half months ago I went to a semi-free health clinic for un-insured people. It had a small dental facility aside from the health, obgyn, and other facilities in the building. I had two teeth that I know where pretty much dead and needed removing. One on the right bottom side of my mouth which had broken off years ago and left a seemingly exposed and sensitive nerve. For awhile the nerve seemed to have went dead, and I was able to use that side of my mouth again, but it would come back really painful months later. It was also very sensitive to cold and rarely hot as well. I had recently went through something very stressful and shocking, and suddenly the pain in the nerve came back so I was self-medicating with orajel, and pain killers and eating only soup until the pain subsided some a week later so that I could go to the clinic. This tooth seemed to have been a very big one, in the middle of the bottom row close to the back. I think I have one more large teeth at the end so I'm not sure if that is a wisdom tooth or just the one near the wisdom tooth. Either way, I had it extracted with no problem, and hardly no pain at all. It is healing perfectly and the gums on this side seems to have closed up completely, and there is just an empty spot where the tooth used to be. I am able to eat on that side perfectly fine, and there is no pain either.

Now on the opposite is where I am having all of the trouble. This tooth has been pretty dead since I was around 15, and that was 14 years ago. It would on and off hurt like crap, and then the pain would disappear for a year or two, and sporadically return. Right after I was able to have the right tooth removed and it was starting to heal, this one just began to hurt again. The pain seemed to be all day nearly everyday with only a few hours rest in between. I was unable to eat yet again, and was on orajel and pain killers, but it was not doing anything to remove or dull the pain so I thought I should just get this one removed as well. The first extraction went so well I thought it might be alright to get rid of my final mouth pain. This was two weeks after the first extraction. The pain subsided for about 3 days so I took my shot, and headed back over to the clinic. This time around the dentist there weren't as friendly. They had asked me to come back a week after the first extraction, but I couldn't afford to so I just skipped it. But now I had to cancel payment of another bill to rush there for another extraction and they made the crack of saying "oh you came back once you needed something, but not when we had you scheduled for a check up". I brushed it off and went ahead to proceed with the extraction. They told me that this tooth was indeed dead, and there was no way to fix it other than removing it.

This tooth was located at the top row in the back, second tooth to the last. I assume this is quite possibly a wisdom tooth as well. Even though I thought I was taking pretty decent care of my teeth as I always remembered to brush, I never flosssed or rinsed with mouthwash, just a water rinse after brushing. The two teeth in the back were covered in a hard plaque. They had to break that off good enough to get to the tooth, but I think the removal was traumatizing. I needed way more anesthesia, and I could still feel a good deal of pain. The way they were removing it they were twisting and forcefully pushing and pulling so much that my head was being pushed and pulled everywhere. By the time they did get it out because it took a good while, they said I might have to lose about four more teeth, about two on either side. They said that the plaque on the two in the back was going to cause them to need extraction because it seemed I have a hard time reaching those areas with my toothbrush. My mouth was super swollen on the left side that it had closed my sinus on that side. The pain was nearly unbearable and I couldn't even eat. The first few days were really painful. Aside from my mouth hurting, and my left sinus closed, I feel really ill the next day. I had a really high fever, and felt like I had the flu. After my mother spent the night nursing me back to health it seemed like the tooth directly next to the tooth that was extracted was sore and painful. It was sensitive to touch, and felt loose. I read around and it said this can occur when the extracted tooth was removed traumatically, and it was settle soon. It has been nearly two and a half months and the gum of the extracted site is still not completely closed, and the tooth is still feeling sensitive to touch, and kind of wobbly. My other side has healed fine, and the gum has closed completely, yet this side the gum is still open, and the tooth near it is wobbly and sensitive. I was given a strong mouthwash to use to help fight the plaque on the back teeth, and I have been brushing regularly as usual, and now have added flossing to my routine.

My question is, will this tooth ever be normal again or will it be wobbly and weirdly sensitive forever? It won't have to be pulled will it? Also, was he right about me having to lose the other four back teeth on either side? I don't want to lose all my teeth, and I definitely cannot afford to have implants. I hope there is a dentist here who can help me with what's going on in my mouth, and also tell me what I need to do to keep the rest of my teeth, and make them healthier.

Ps. If it helps to know, my teeth are not all perfectly inline. I have always needed braces, but my family, and I could not afford them. I have a whole extra tooth sitting on the inside of my gum on the bottom left side of my mouth, and my teeth up top are doubled in two places. Will this mean that my teeth on both top and bottom can shift over properly now that there is a tooth missing on both rows?
I am so sorry to hear how you were treated at this clinic. It is just terrible how these "health care practitioners" just expect you to be able to afford their charges, which are exorbitant. Unfortunately, I have experienced the same issue with the dead teeth next to an extraction, and I suspect that your wobbly tooth is about to go due to gum disease. I had my wisdom tooth extracted. It only highlighted that the one next to it was dead too due to the decay caused by not having it extracted when it should have been due to "dentist error". I hope this is not the case with you. In order to find out, try to save money to get it assessed. Hopefully you can find another free to semi-free clinic with dentists with a more compassionate, helpful attitude. My prayers are with you in that regard and with regard to your teeth.

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