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Woke up during implant surgery-terrified to go back for next procedure



Junior member
Apr 12, 2022
Atlanta, ga
I’d like to start buy saying I am a methadone patient of 10 years. I’ve been clean from all illicit substances for 9, however methadone makes me very resistant to any opioid pain control.

After YEARS of extreme dental phobia resulting from a dental tool overheating and burning me as a child I finally had to face the dentist when my front tooth tooth became loose. Told I needed 6 teeth removed(4 bottom center and 2 top center) and replaced I started the process of multiple surgeries for extraction, bone and gum grafting, and implants. So far all 3 surgeries were done under iv sedation which is great for me and my anxiety. The first procedure resulted in open sutures and dry socket all across the bottom. I felt like I was in a horror movie like Saw or something. The second procedure wasn’t as bad. Then…. The third.

Last Monday I went in to have the implant posts placed in my jaw bone as well as a molar, #2, extracted after it broke in half post root canal and couldn’t be saved. The first two times the iv sedation worked wonderfully and I dont remember a thing. This time, they ended up needing to harvest flesh from the roof of my mouth for something, I had no idea they were going to do it, and during the process I woke up screaming. They eventually got me back out but those 30 seconds felt like a lifetime.

I’ve been having nightmares since Monday. It sounds funny, but I dreamt that a tiny little landscaper man was in my mouth with weed wacker ripping the roof of my mouth to shreds! The recovery has been rough as far as pain goes. I can barely sleep or eat, not good as a diabetic, it hurts to breathe through my nose. I take the meds I was prescribed (Motrin 800 and hydrocodone 5/326) but the pain on the top teeth is getting worse (bottom and molar extraction are getting better).

Should I be worried? I’m so scared that the implants are being rejected or something. I can see a tiny bit of metal through two holes in my gums. I’m afraid to go back and have anyone touch it. I’m afraid to ask for stronger pain meds as I’ve told my periodontist my history of addiction. I just lay in bed with ice and cry.

To make matters worse, I still have another procedure to have the teeth put in! Everything I’ve read from other patients made it sound like the implant procedure was relatively easy and painless. Could something be wrong with my implants or am I just a massive pain wimp?

Sorry so long.
Sorry but the only way to have a clue what's going on with this is to talk to your dentist. At least give them a ring.

Your history with narcs does tend to make your pain receptors a bit more quick to fire off, if that helps any.