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Wokingham, Berkshire



Staff member
Jan 1, 2005
Wayne Williams
20 Denton Rd, Wokingham RG40 2DX

Came across this post while tidying up some broken links:

"I have had the WAND used on me before at a dentist's practice in London and it was really wonderful, I barely felt anything at all, they inject the anaesthetic in extremely slowly, so you don't feel a thing as it goes in. It takes a lot longer than the dentist manually doing it though, but it's great for needle phobics as it is really amazing how little you feel. I'd say that most of the discomfort of injections comes from when they pump the anaesthetic into your gums - doing it too fast can be really uncomfortable.

Wayne Williams used to be my dentist in London, he's since moved to a new practice in Berkshire, and they use the WAND. He's a great dentist, very qualified and knows what he is talking about."

From their website:

Our comfort menu includes:
  • Creating a relaxed atmosphere both before and during treatment with calming background music and air-conditioned temperature control.
  • The magic WAND™ computerised local anaesthetic delivery for painless dental injections
  • A friendly and cohesive team effort to reassure and care for you
  • Explaining and discussing with you any procedures that you feel you would like to know more about, before the procedure is carried out
  • Establishing and verifying your comfort and state of relaxation throughout treatment
  • Conscious sedation delivered by suitably qualified practitioners is available for those that feel the need for it
  • Post treatment beverages to help prepare you for the return to your day