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Woo, finally went and did it!



Junior member
Mar 6, 2006

Seriously was nothing much at all...course i still will never like the scrapy hook thing :censored: But really, its nothing to fear.

The one tooth that i thought was an actual tooth i need that got broken down and stuff turned out to be a wisdom tooth. So i need em taken out, no biggie imho.

Then the main tooth that needed help was 2nd from the last on top right, which i can get root canaled. And being ive had that before...not really fearful of it, more just glad that i can keep that tooth there in the long run.

I need like 2 or 3 small fillings, which isnt bad either.

Either way...my only advice to everyone that is fearful is really, go...its for your best interest. The longer you wait, the worse it gets...thankfully i am catching a few of these things early. They said the rest of my teeth look good, so nothing to worry bout there.

But honestly, its not bad at all. Its just something you gotta suck up and do, and afterwards..you will see that its not bad, thats a 100% guarantee.

Next thurs i head on in for my root canal, cant wait to be honest...i want that tooth fixed so bad so i can eat on that side again with normal chewing.

Hope this can give some a boost to get goin and get things fixed :thumbsup: