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Worried about a deep filling



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May 17, 2022
Hello, and sorry to trouble. I've always been pretty nervous/anxious to go to the dentist as I've had multiple bad/painful experiences and it doesn't help that I am pretty bad with needles (which is something I have been working on, but it will take a very long time to achieve). It's kind of recent that I resolved to address and take care of my teeth, which hasn't been easy- I can't undo past me's bad oral hygiene :')

So here's the background: I had 2 deep fillings done on my molars (one top, one bottom) about a month ago, and I was told that both were very close to the nerve. My dentist put some medicine? Before doing the filling- the decay was on the side of the tooth, so it was a little tricky to fill (but he did!)

Post op, I was initially alright for a few days, but then something triggered a sharp pain in my tooth; which led to about a week of consistent mild throbbing pain and occasional jabs? Of sharp pain that radiated around the tmj + jaw + sinus area. There was never any pain when biting down, mostly just reactions to very hot/cold stuff. I took an occasional painkiller, but most of the time it was manageable, but annoying.

After that, it seemed to get better, and pain mostly cleared up. I went for a checkup and x ray, and my dentist said that it seemed to be healing, and that the nerve was alive (cold test- pain was only like 3s long) which is a good sign. It's been steadily getting better- but at this time, it is still sensitive to cold/hot; and I get a flash of sharp pain which goes away quickly, but will leave a mild ache in the jaw/tmj area that will slowly calm down (after an hour?) But it's kind of making me nervous each time, and I'm wondering if I need to be scared of another root canal which I can't really afford at the moment- or is this a normal healing process? But does it usually take this long to heal?

Many thanks for the help in advance.
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It's hard to say without looking at it but if it's improving and the pain still goes away quickly then it sounds like it's doing OK.