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Worried about first cleaning. Fear of gagging/getting sick



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Jun 4, 2017
My first periodontal maintenance cleaning is on Monday and it will be my first time not receiving any sort of sedation. I'm really nervous about gagging/choking and I really hate feeling pressure on my front teeth. My gag reflex has been so bad lately that it even happens when I am brushing my own teeth. I've also had difficulties breathing through mouth when I'm leaning back. I choke often simply by drinking water or sometimes for no reason at all. Anyway, some reassurance would be nice. Also, do periodontal cleanings involve any sort of numbing? I know that a lot of my gagging is psychological, I just cant seem to get over it.
Animalhouse, how are you doing? It sounds like I am too late now and you already had your cleaning.. how did it go? I would say that it's all a matter of a good communication between your hygienist and you. If you let her know about your issues, agree on a stop sign and let her check your tolerance towards each step, things could work out..