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Worried about gum pain around recent root canal and crown.



Apr 11, 2013
I had to have my root canal retreated a couple months ago and it was very infected. The endodontist said the tooth looked great when he finished it and I was fitted with a temp soon after that and it felt fine, no pain, no real gum soreness either. Now I got the permanent crown 5 days ago. It felt fine at first but two days ago the gums started feeling very sore around the back of the crown. I thought it was just because the recent work and my gums were already pretty sensitive around that tooth and when they out the crown on it hurt a lot, they were poking around getting cement from around the gums and it was bleeding a lot. They said to rinse with warm salt water. I have been doing that but the pain seems worse. It is not horrible, but I am worried maybe the retreat didn't take. The endo said it had about an 85 percent rate of working. I bought some special mouth rinse for gum pain and it seems to help a bit. What do you think? Is this normal?
get a review appointment to have the gum checked - there may be some cement left behind or it may be trapping food. They can check the rootcanal at the same time.
Darn, that's what I was worried about, I don't want to go back to this place. I am in the process of changing insurance and then dentists and that will take a month to go into affect. It dosent hurt that bad, can I wait until then?
Waiting a few months will probably not make much of a difference on the tooth and the surrounding gums, however it is difficult to establish a good course of action without seeing and examine it directly.
In any case, the dental clinic you went to is still responsible for its work. Maybe the specific dentist you have seen did not diagnose the situation well, so another dentist from that same clinic can. You have the right to receive this service free of charge.