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Worried about my wisdom teeth



Junior member
Jan 26, 2016
I am 46 and have 2 impacted lower wisdom teeth. Both have developed small cavities but are giving me no trouble.
I am going backwards and forwards with different dentists trying to assess whether to fill or extract and I am very anxious about both.

Does it look like they could be successfully filled? Would it have to be amalgam?
What are the chances of nerve damage with extraction?

Thank you.CAM.3.jpgCAM.jpgpanoral_202304.jpg
1) Probably fillable, but need better x-rays. Amalgam would be my choice if I was doing the fillings.
2) Neither looks especially close to the nerve bundle so chances of nerve damage don't look too bad. Again you'd want better x-rays. OPGs are fine for a quick scan but don't give a lot of detail.
That's very helpful. Thank you for your time.