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Worried about root canal/fainting?



Junior member
Sep 30, 2017
I'm getting a root canal done next week, but I have a longstanding fear of the dentist and the impact I believe some dental work can have. When I was a child I had to get two teeth removed (separate occasions) and on both instances, though I felt I okay, as I was exiting the surgery I fainted. Now I have this constant fear when I get deep fillings or anything like that done that I'll faint. Getting dental work also makes me extremely anxious, and I end up getting panic attacks which make me feel faint and I struggle to decipher whether it's 'real' or not. I've never had a root canal before, and I'm scared about potentially fainting afterwards, about the taste it will leave in my mouth, about the (apparently very long and sharp!) implements the dentists will be using and also about seeing any blood or pulp. I'm basically terrified on all fronts. Can anyone here who's had a root canal give me any advice/possibly allay my fears?
Hi Her,

I have had too many root canals.. and none of them have been awful.. I am always nervous when I do them with new dentists however. its a trust thing.. as long as they get you fully numb, are aware of your body language and when you might need more and don't mind giving it to you, then you should be good.. for the most part I haven't felt a thing and it was actualy fun at my old dentist like hang out laugh as files were in and out of my mouth. he used to goof with me.. and lighten the mood. and it really helped. even though its no joking matter.. for me if they throw in a bit of humor to take my mind off the sharp intruments its highly welcomed. I feel overwhelmed almost anytime I have to walk into a clinic I don't know what it is.. i just freeze and every thought rushes through me.. I'm fine once i'm in the chair and see MY dentist.. whoever it might be. as long as things go as planned logistically i'm more at peace.. I ccan see how you would be concerned if you expereinced fainting before.. Take it slow and easy and I hope things go well and let us know!!! :)
Hi there,

I have had two root canals in my lifetime. I will tell you the pain during was non-existent thanks to local anesthetic. The needles hurt just a tiny bit going in but once I was numb I couldn't feel anything. I will suggest you wear ear buds and listen to some music during the procedure to block out the sounds of what is happening, and also you can close your eyes so you don't have to have any instrument induced anxiety. After the root canals my jaw was a little sore where the local went in, but Motrin took care of it and I was fine in two days. If you're extremely sensitive or nervous you can ask your dentist to prescribe a Valium for you to take one hour before the appointment. Of course then you will need a ride in. I wish you lots of luck, please update and let us know how it goes!