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Worried About Safety of Implants



Junior member
Jan 6, 2014
I'm missing two teeth on the same side (I think it's first premolar and first molar). The second premolar and second molar are still there but have fillings.

I decided to replace the first premolar with an implant because it's the closest to the front of my mouth, although you can't really see it clearly with the way my mouth is shaped. I don't really have a plan for the missing first molar yet and was going to leave it for now with the possibility of gettin another implant or bridge later.

Anyway, I'm starting to worry about getting the implant and am wondering if I should go with a bridge instead. I know that generally implants are considered safe, but I'm really concerned with placing titanium into my bone. Living a natural lifestyle is important to me. I can't find any "real" research online. Nothing in between fear-mongering posts from holistic doctors and glowing reviews from implant dentists. I'm wondering if it's really worth it to put myself through unnecessary surgery. At the same time, I need a long-term solution that makes sense.

With the bridge, I would be able to replace both of the missing teeth. With the implant, I would just replace the first premolar for now. There's a possibility that I'd need a bridge to fill in the first molar at some point anyway (and I already have fillings on that side), so I don't know if the bridge would make more sense now for that reason as well.

Help me out!
You will have to decide for yourself what you are more comfortable with as far as treatment goes.
As to having Titanium in your body.. well you already do as ti is the 9th most common element in earth so we have evolved to live with ti. The ti alloy that is used has been used for many years and doesn't react with the body.