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Worried about shifting teeth



Jul 19, 2019
Orange County
My front teeth have shifted over the years and my gums have receded. They are getting really bad lately. I was suppose to go for my first visit on 4/21 but now I don’t know when I will be able to go. They don’t seem to be loose. My gums don’t bleed and although I’m petrified of the dentist and haven’t been to one in 19 years, I’ve always been diligent with my oral care. I use sonic toothbrush 2x a day and floss once a night plus I try and floss after meals. I also use an interdental brush every morning
But I know I’m in big trouble.

I’m 49 years old. My question is what does it take for teeth to just fall out? I have no problem eating and they don’t feel loose but I’m seriously worried. One tooth has shifted back and one a tad bit forward. They are now completely misaligned and my gum line looks horrible. My smile completely hides my gums so it doesn’t look terrible to others which is why I stupidly kept putting it off.

Also, is Invisalign a potential option for someone with periodontal disease?
It takes an awful lot for teeth to fall out, even ones which are massively loose still take a bit of shifting when you're extracting them! If they're not noticeably loose at this stage then there's plenty of time to get it sorted.
Any orthodontic treatment is a bit of a risk if somebody has active periodontal disease.
Thank you so much for answering my questions Gordon. I really appreciate it!

I was hoping with treatment and great oral hygiene, the disease could become inactive and I could eventually start an orthodontic treatment. I hope there are some sort of options to have nice straight teeth again!
You're welcome. Yes, once the periodontal tissues are sorted there's no reason you can't have orthodontic treatment, in fact if the teeth are straighter, it makes maintainability much better.
Thank you so much! That makes me feel so much better. I can breathe a little easier while I wait :)