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Worried after veneers



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Jun 12, 2015
Hello, 21 years old recently got 4 veneers which look nice. I used to be so scared of the dentist so I spent a large part of my life not going to the dentist. I got them to fill gaps however... Slightly concerned after looking online at how many people have had problems with theirs. I like to think my overall oral health is okay and my dentist agreed. I'm worried that perhaps I should have been recommended to go to orthadontist rather than to go with emax porcelain veneers and they had to trim the tooth down.
long story short I don't want to end up with no front teeth and dentures in 10 years :(
anybody with experience in getting veneers at a young age and how it has progressed please let me know.
(try not to scare me even more!!)


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Jun 13, 2015
Hi Aye, it's a shame the minimally invasive option of using composite to fill the gaps was not proposed to you. Teeth don't have to be reduced for that. You are very young to have veneers and they will have to be replaced if they wear. I know someone who had veneers on most of his teeth as a teen after taking tetracycline as a child (an antibiotic that can stain your adult teeth if you take it as a child). As far as I know he still has the same veneers and has never changed them. So some people have problems with veneers and others don't. You should not end up with dentures in 10 years, but you do need to visit a hygienist every so often and look after the veneers. Orthodontics has its own risks and long term aftercare (e.g. retainers). If you want to put your mind at rest seek a second opinion on the quality of the dental work you've had done.


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Sep 27, 2013
Hello aye,
Porcelain veneers are an excellent cosmetic quick fix for most people and unfortunately like all things, they do have an expiry date at some point so will probably need replacing in 10 -15 years time. There are some fantastic looking emax veneers and it all comes down to how good the lab is at creating them. Good home care and regular checks at the dentists is all you can do. Other than that we don't see too many problems with the teeth themselves.