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worried and confused.



Junior member
Jul 12, 2006
I do have a dental phobia, well about any kind of medical procedure really ,but I also suffer from social phobia so going to a doctors or a dentist is a real problem.

What has been going on is, several weeks back I started to get an ache in my top left wisdom tooth, then last saturday the ache got worse, it wasn't nagging stabbing pain that would have left me in a mess but it started to keep me up at night. Anyone would have gone to the dentist at that stage but I didnt... So by about wednesday this is when it gets confusing, I developed congestion and sinus pain on the same side as the tooth and about a day later I was dripping foul smelling liquid out of my nose.

Now again a few weeks back there was a cold going round at work, which I got but I only had it for a few days,but I was sneezing and taking decongestants.... but it passed, When the pain started getting worse I also had post nasal drip (fluid going down the back of my throat)

So when it got to last night and I couldn't take anymore, I was confused as to whether I now needed the dentist or a doctor... I managed to get to to a doctor with the out of hours place, and he wasn't a huge amount of help.Just examined my nose,throat and ears and sent me off with some antibiotics, didn't tell me what was wrong, and I asked him about the wisdom tooth thing and he said sometimes the roots/nerves around the wisdom tooth can be affected by a sinus infection but that also an infected tooth can sometimes go to the sinus. He also prescribed me an antibiotic,that you need to avoid taking at the same time with iron,calcium etc etc and Iam on multivits, I did mention it before the prescribed it,but he didn't seem tolisten. Says need to wait several hours after taking the antibiotic but still Iam also worried now the antibiotic won't work.

I have classic sinus infection now it seems minus a raised temperature such as pressured on my cheeks when I bend over, the yellow fluid out my nose etc etc.

So I probably need to see a dentist quite soon to see what is going on, but Iam dreading it especially now I have this infection as it will hurt even more I will think, as my face is very sore and my tooth really hurts. But then the cold I had before is confusing matters.

Any thoughts?


Super Moderator
Staff member
Jun 14, 2012
Massachusetts, USA
A few weeks ago I was at work and stated to have horrible tooth pain (upper right). I was dreading calling the dentist. When I woke up the next morning my nose was stuffy. I was never so happy to have a sinus infection on my entire life. Once the sinus infection cleared I was pain free. Everyone is different, but I just wanted to offer you some hope. Best of luck!