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Worried and Upset about getting dentures



Junior member
Dec 18, 2023
Hi Everyone

I am new and I am really hoping someone can help or at least put my mind at ease I am loosing sleep and feel very tearful.
Some years ago I had an accident and lost my two front teeth, I had partial dentures and I got on with them fine.

Then I broke them and needed new ones the dentist I had always used was no longer practicing so I saw another dentist in the same practice, and expected to just get the same two false teeth but he said I needed more teeth out at the time I wasn’t sure why but I trusted him and thought he know better.

Anyway I ended up having the other two teeth from the front removed and two front teeth from the bottom and he showed me the new type of partial dentures that where the best thing since sliced bread.

So long story short I ended up paying over £5000.00 and getting very painful I’ll fitting teeth.
Skip a few years to covid lock down and I stopped wearing as I was just at home and I found them very uncomfortable even after adjustments.
when I finally did go to wear them they didn’t fit.

I was also waiting for spinal surgery so I wasn’t well and didn’t go out due to the pain so wasn’t too worried about having no teeth, so I finally had my surgery and now two years on I need to have all my teeth removed due to my teeth deteriorating and I needed full dentures top and bottom.

I am 67 so as much as I would like implants I can’t justify the cost and I have been told that they wouldn’t be suitable for me anyway.

so I did some research and found a dental technician who had good feedback so I made an appointment to see him and agreed to get the work done.
I paid a deposit, but then when I went for the first of five appointments he took another look in my mouth told me my gums are very receded and that he could not guarantee that my false teeth will fit well or if they would be functional.
I have had to sign a waiver which gives me no come back whatsoever I am so annoyed that I wasn’t told this before I paid the very substantial deposit and now I am so scared that my new very expensive teeth will be sat in a jar just like my last ones.

I hardly go out now I am so embarrassed and was hoping that getting new dentures would make me feel better, but now I feel so stressed and don’t really have much confidence in getting the teeth I wanted.

I am so sorry for such a long moan but if anyone can give me some advice or just some hope I will really appreciate it.