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Worried My Face May Change



Junior member
Feb 2, 2020
Hello Everyone, I just faced the dental phobia that kept me away for the dentist for over 10 years maybe a bit more. I had some residual roots removed from my lower right and will have to have two more eventually, upper right and left...that's a total of 5 when all is said and done. I take care of my teeth, but I had an eating disorder when I was younger and with MS, and not going to the dentist, I couldn't save them. My dentist says that my face isn't going to change any more than I look now since all I had left were roots of those teeth in the first place. Still, it's causing me anxiety. My husband is still in school to be a psychologist and he says it's causing me anxiety cause I am obsessed with the fear this is going to change my face. Yes, I am nervous about it. I still have to have two wisdom teeth removed when I can afford it, but that is later. I am almost 42 and just anxious about the extraction I had or the am going to have. since they are just roots right now.

Is my face going to change any more ? You can't see them, they are all back teeth and I still have good bone density and healthy gums.

Thank you
Are you talking about wisdom teeth, second molars or first molars? I had all my wisdom teeth out as a teen, and had my upper 2nd molar removed and not replaced with an implant a little over a year ago. Last year I had my lower right 2nd and 1st molar extracted and implants started. I will be getting those completed this month.
My oral surgeon told me that face shape doesn’t change as often as people seem to think and that unless you have all your molars removed, it usually isn’t noticeable. He also said it can take a very long time.

*I am not a dentist, just repeating what my surgeon said to me when I asked.
I have my molars on the left side but one on top, all bottom, same as top right, bottom I lost all of them but the very last tooth all the way in the back. I still have two wisdom teeth, one is impacted in the jaw bone.