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Worrying myself silly!



Nov 24, 2011
I joined this site a few years ago, and got quite a bit of support which was much appreciated - now I'm back and hoping for a bit more ;)

For a long time, I was lucky with my teeth and never had any problems at all. I had a very bad experience with a nasty dentist about six years ago, after breaking a tooth - granted I hadn't been to the dentist for ten years, but she was absolutely horrible. She ended up filling the broken tooth when I wasn't numb properly, and that's really given me a fear of dentists. Nearly four years ago, that same tooth got an abscess which was utterly horrible - which is when I posted on here and got support and kindness :) I went to the same surgery but luckily saw a different dentist who was really nice; I was terrified but having the tooth out and a filling replaced on another one was a very positive experience. I planned on going for regular check-ups but the months and then years have gone by and I'm now really wishing I had :(

At the end of September, a bit of tooth came off around a filling - not a massive piece but a wedge-shape. It's an upper tooth, on the outside; this filling the nice dentist replaced on my last visit as she said it had dislodged I think. I was really upset but blamed myself for eating pork scratchings! I calmed down and again intended to be brave and go to the dentist. I checked online and realised that the nice dentist I saw on my last visit has left the practice, this made me really upset and I avoided making that appointment.

I'd been avoiding eating on the side of my mouth with the broken tooth, but a couple of weeks ago I managed to break a tooth on the other side! This time an orange daim bar was to blame I think - I've sheared a bit of tooth off right down to the gum I reckon. It's not a massive piece, maybe a quarter or fifth of the whole tooth, and it wasn't filled already. Top tooth again and it doesn't hurt, I just feel so upset that I've broken two teeth in just a few weeks, and don't really get why. I brush my teeth regularly (although I'm guilty of eating the wrong things and sometimes going to bed without brushing) and never go a day without brushing at least once. The unfilled tooth I broke a couple of weeks ago doesn't look black inside so I'm hoping it's not decayed....although logically I know most teeth break due to decay.

I made a plan to eat VERY carefully, no hard things, and go to the dentist after Christmas. I've become really paranoid and upset that I have a broken tooth on both sides so don't know which side to eat on! I check my teeth regularly and am really careful about what I eat - no crisps, nuts, apples, anything chewy etc. This evening I stole a haribo from my son and realised afterwards that a tiny fragment of tooth has gone. It's from the filled tooth which a bit broke off in September - it really is a tiny fragment and if I didn't examine my teeth with a torch then I probably wouldn't have noticed! This particular little bit didn't seem attached too well anyway and I suspected it might come away. It's made no huge difference as it was so little, but I'm really upset as yet again something's gone wrong with my teeth :cry:

This year has been a really rubbish one - my dad died in April after being ill for a few months, and my 12-year-old son has lots of issues which have been hard for us to cope with. My partner has long-term health problems which have recently flared up, it's just been a tough year. Obviously people have it much worse though, and I shouldn't complain. I suffer with depression and am really struggling at the moment, this teeth business is really upsetting me. I can't understand why suddenly my teeth keep breaking, I'm 38 so maybe it's just me getting old ;)

I think after 3 years our dentist removes people from its books, so I'm probably not registered there any more - I don't think re-registering is too difficult though as I'm sure my partner has in the past. It's almost 4 years since I went and I'm so silly for leaving it. I'm not in any pain, but am terrified about eating and constantly on edge waiting for something else to happen. Of course at this time of year it's tricky because everything will be closing for Christmas very soon - I'm worried that my teeth will get worse over xmas and getting help won't be easy. Logically I know this is pretty unlikely but my luck isn't good at the moment! So I don't know what to do - I'm terrified of going to the dentist and doubt I'll be seen before Xmas now anyway. I'm also worried like lots of people on here about the work I'll need - I'll be OK-ish with a nice dentist but what if I get a horrible one?

Just feeling really upset, constantly worried and don't know what to do :cry:
So sorry you are dealing with so much. I'd say from experience it's easier to procrastinate but it only makes it worse. I can see why you are worried about a different dentist. I've had bad experiences with dentists too and finally took a chance and ended up with an excellent one. My waiting caused me tons of issues so I do understand. Sending you positive vibes & thoughts!
Thanks so much for replying, it's so good to know someone understands x