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Worst build up EVER ! Terrified of it being removed



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Jan 15, 2021
this is soooo hard to post as I am utterly ashamed and embarrassed.

so after years of dental phobia, and two lots of cancer treatment and hypercalcemia I’ve started the road to get my teeth fixEd.

one extraction done. One to go.
this week I got half of my mouth cleaned....BUT the other side scares the life out of me. I have A huge hard deposit on my back two teeth and it’s got a crack in it. I am so scared of it being removed and what omen lies beneath. This is the tooth that will be extracted but doesnt stop me being afraid that it’s going to hurt when that rubbish comes off.

my gum scores are all 3 whatever that means But I do have slight bone loss on that tooth.

can a dentist here please reassure me that this is fixable, my gums are fixable and that the end Is I’m sight. I’ve been crying for days with worry over my last visit and my next one...

anyone else had a deposit this large removed ? How sore can I expect to be ?


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Please don't be embarrassed about that, it's a natural build up, a bit like the stalagmites in a cave, your saliva contains Ca and Phosphate ions, which build up on the teeth over time. That area is right beside the big duct of the parotid saliva gland...

That'll come off really easily, it shouldn't be sore at all doing it and it doesn't mean that there's any serious disease going on underneath it.

I bet all the dentists on here are absolutely itching to get at that :) Sorry, it's just that these big build ups of calculus are super satisfying to remove for us. I'm amazed your dentist had the self discipline to leave it :)
PS that's not even close to the worst calculus buildup ever. Not even on the same continent as some of the ones I've seen in the past.