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Worst mouth the dentist has ever seen?



Junior member
Oct 29, 2021
I have a huge amount of calculus build up on the back of my bottom front teeth, some at the top of my left back and some on my bottom left back teeth. This is crumbling and falling away and I know this needs to be removed but I’m absolutely terrified and embarrassed to go to the dentist. I just keep crying that I have even let it get to this stage. I am absolutely convinced I have the worst mouth the dentist will have ever seen and constantly have anxiety dreams about being turned away.
has anyone had any positive experiences with extreme calculus build up removal they can share? Thank you so much in advance x
We need to add in a FAQ about this :)

Dentists in general are "doers". When somebody comes in we are usually busy working out how we are going to fix things going forward, we aren't usually too bothered about worrying how things got that way.

Honestly, we really don't care, we are just planning how to fix things.

1) It won't be nearly the worst thing a dentist has seen (see below)
2) Even so, we don't care. Removing gross calculus deposits is quite good fun and very satisfying
3) Go and get it sorted before it causes problems in the future

If you want to see an example of "quite bad" calculus build up, scroll down. I really would not do this if you're easily put off your lunch though.

(For context, this was a learning disabled chap who lived with his brother. He wouldn't let his brother brush his teeth and as best we could work out he hadn't had a toothbrush in his mouth for the best part of 40 years.)

Last warning, scroll on at your peril...

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