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Worst nights sleep ever, freaking out!



Junior member
Jan 24, 2016
So, its amazing how an appointment I booked on the 5th January for 2nd February has come around so quickly, if anyone wants time to suddenly speed up then book your first check up in 5 years lol. I am freaking out and the only thing that will get me through til half 3 is being at work all day and trying to keep my mind off it. I have had the worst nights sleep of my life, waking up every hour and having it all go round and round in my head. Keep reminding myself that it is only a check up and he's not going to hurt me. If any work needs doing at least by the end of today I will have an idea of what needs doing and then can work towards that goal of getting my mouth healthy. I am trying to be logical about it but why does it still feel like I'm waiting on death row! I'm having my implant replaced next week which involves a local and actually cutting my arm and that does not bother me at all, not fussed in the slightest but just having a check up is sending me into a tizz :s Wish me luck, I will try and be a brave girl..
I know that "death row" feeling, but it's so wonderful once you have done it and walked out of the building! Sending you positive vibes!