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Worst tooth ever



Junior member
Mar 13, 2023
So, I’m pretty sure that I have a “hot tooth” in my third mandibular molar on the right side.
Part of the tooth chipped off in December, pain from the sharp edge in my tongue for a few days then nothing.

Now I have intense throbbing pain all over that tooth which is making my whole face pulse.

Stupidly I googled to reassure myself I could handle an extraction and found myself down a rabbit hole learning that it’s the most difficult tooth to treat, is hard to extract, is complicated to do a root canal on and is really hard to numb.

I have extreme dental phobia as a result of sexual trauma as a child combined with a dentist accidentally damaging an un-numbed root nerve when I was young.
I now can’t walk on the same side of the road as a dentist, can’t listen to people talk about dentists or teeth, even on tv. Can’t let anyone touch my mouth including my husband and two year old.

I’m not with a dentist and referral to a phobia/specialist Access Centre is currently around 24 months.
Any emergency dentist will only treat the immediate problem which as far as I can see can only be extraction or root canal on a hot tooth.

I genuinely want to unalive myself I’m that frightened.

@VeryScaredGirl, first I would like to introduce you to my website treatyourdentalfear.com which contains many YouTube videos that cover many aspects about dental anxiety, some videos might not be relevant for you but some surely relevant.
Here are a few videos I can recommend you to:
How to prevent painful drilling

How to deal with an authoritarian dentist:
Fear of authoritarian dentists

In your post you are describing avoiding behavior: not only avoiding the dentist but also avoiding thinking about it.
I do hope you will find the resources and support to switch from avoiding to coping and facing. Hope my films can help.