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worst tooth you've ever had? / still have ?



Junior member
Aug 26, 2012
BC, Canada
im having the fear where my teeth are the worst. any stories to help me?
Hi we all think we have the worst teeth, but they never are. You won't have the worst teeth a dentist has ever seen. They have seen everything, and are never really shocked. They want to help us to get out teeth and mouths into a healthy state. Why do you think you have the worst teeth.

Do you have an appointment ?
Hi, maddy!
I think almost everyone on this forum thought before their first appointment that their teeth were going to be declared "the worst" that their dentist has EVER seen. As far as I remember, I don't think that has happened.
I also thought my teeth were the worst, since before 2008, I had not been to the dentist in 23 years. Oh, I brushed twice a day (didn't floss though, because I was worried I would hit a cavity and cause myself pain).
Then I went to the dreaded "first" appointment, (which, by the way, I cancelled 3 times before I actually went to it). I found out that my teeth really weren't as bad as I thought ( I thought every tooth was going to have to be extracted.......... 25 or 26 teeth!! ).
It was only 9 teeth to be extracted and 3 of those were wisdom teeth. A couple of minor cavities in addition to the 6 terribly decayed teeth that were going to be extracted. That was IT!!!!!
My dentist at the time complimented me on my home care.........I nearly fainted.......a compliment from a dentist!!!
So take heart from my story and know that you that you probably won't hear that your teeth are the worst!!
Good :clover: as you go through your dental journey.