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Worth rescheduling appointment/malpractice question...?



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Jan 23, 2007
I have an appointment for a 3-month checkup/cleaning on July 12. I will be starting hypnosis on Monday with my therapist and would like to finish the series before I go to the dentist.

I have one tooth that is sometimes sensitive after a day of hard chewing--like nuts, pita chips, baby carrots. I've eaten ONLY really hard things today, and I felt a twinge just now when I bit down on something. I'm guessing I cracked a filling (yikes, or the whole tooth) or that I have recurrent decay close to the nerve. My TMJ issues are also flared up too (I know. I should just avoid hard things in general). It happened once last week and then just now, but nothing in between.

1. Should I move up my appointment to deal with this or keep it and just avoid cracking nuts in my mouth until then? Hmm. I guess it's probably just my judgement call, but does this sound like an emergency? Of course, if I am in pain or it gets worse, I'll get in ASAP, but I don't want to jump the gun if I don't have to. Plus, even if I could get in, I wouldn't be able to afford my sedation until late July or August anyway.

2. Should a correctly filled tooth NEVER hurt?

1. Mention it at your check-up and go in sooner if it gets worse sounds like a good plan.
2. No, all dental work deteriorates over time and may need repair or replacement.
Fingers crossed....
Thanks! I just needed someone to agree with me on my plan ;)

Yes, we'll see what happens!

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