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X-rays without opposing teeth



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Jul 8, 2021
How does the dentist take x-rays when there are no opposing teeth? I still have teeth 13 and 14, but 18, 19, and 20 are gone. How does the x-ray work when I can't bite down on the thing? Also, what about supra-eruption? I plan to get partials, but I also need to get 30 and 31 removed. I got 19 out 6-1/2 weeks ago, and by the time I get 30 and 31 out and wait for healing, won't the top teeth that oppose the missing bottom teeth, especially the ones that have already not had opposing forces this long, begin to supra-erupt? So many changes for the worse with my teeth right now, and I am a nervous wreck.
Usually bung in a couple of cotton wool rolls to take up the space.

Super eruption normally takes a good few years before it's an issue. Doesn't always happen either.
@Gordon Thank you so much for the reply and information.