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xanax, valium, and nitrous oxide



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hey there!
i am supposed to go get a baby tooth pulled tomorrow. after a very traumatic accident, i lost 4 permanent teeth and 3 baby teeth. one permanent tooth was sewn back in.. i had a very large needle injected into smashed and deformed gum and it was excrutiatingly painful. so, getting a baby tooth is so scary for me. i have been on xanax for other reasons.. but my dentist prescribed me valium and i'll be getting nitrous oxide. i have taken xanax, of course, but i haven't used the other two. i'm only supposed to be taking valium and nitrous, but my mom said if i wanted i could also take my xanax tomorrow.. since i wasn't planning on it. i'm not sure if it is safe to mix these three though. would any one happen to know? again... i would be mixing .5 mg xanax, 10 mg valium, and nitrous oxide. any advice is wonderful! thanks!
Hi & :welcome: Both Xanax and Valium work to help you relax, making the nitrous work better. I would, however call and ask the dentist about taking both Xanax & valium together. If you cannot reach the dentist, I would call the doctor who prescribed the Xanax and ask him about mixing the two medications.

Another option would be to post this question to Gordon under Dentistry questions

Hope this helps :)