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Years of fear, very unhappy with recent dentistry work



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Mar 30, 2023
I've been dental phobic pretty much all my life, until around 10 years ago when I found a wonderful dentist who I completely trusted but unfortunately she left the practice around the beginning of 2020.
During the Covid lockdown 3 of my teeth rapidly deteriorated. Years ago I was bulimic and that wrecked my teeth. They are literally brittle and crumbling.
I knew my dentist had left the practice and was terrified of making the appointment, so I waited and waited until finally this January I was in so much pain I knew I had to just do it and phone up.
But that just made matters worse.
I got an appointment with her replacement, who immediately seemed unsure and abrupt. By unsure, I mean one minute she said a molar could not be saved and would have to be extracted, to changing her mind to doing a root canal when I said I would pay to be seen privately. (It is a 9 month waiting list for NHS treatment)
So it is salvageable or not?

The first available appointment was for nearly the end of March, we agreed my front teeth would take precedence as these are visible. She was very clear that they would be composite bond fillings and I was given an itemised bill. I queried whether she was sure as one of the teeth is broken to the gumline, she insisted a composite filling was perfectly fine.
So I arrived for my appointment and she immediately said she couldn't do a filling on one of the teeth, it was too deep and would need a root canal. Which would cost £1000.
I sat up in the chair and said this was not what we had agreed. I had questioned her decision back in January and she had assured me a filling would suffice. Meanwhile the nurse is typing up the new cost. I tell her to stop and just treat the other tooth, my main front incisor.

At this point she proceeded with just the front tooth. With no anaesthetic nor offer of one. It was a deep filling, I'm talking within 3mm of the gum. It was horrendous. I swear she must have done this on purpose because I was angry at the change of treatment plan.
I left the practice shaking all over and was physically sick.
To make matters worse the tooth is a mess. It is at least 2 shades brighter than the surrounding teeth. It is yellow, very yellow. There is a visible line running down the centre of my front tooth where old meets new and the new part is YELLOW.
I know I need to complain. I know I need to contact the practice manager and have them make this right. But I cannot. It took me two years to pluck up courage to even make that initial phone call. The trust I had with my old dentist is gone, she's long gone and I'm stuck with her replacement.
There is no option of changing dentist, not one practice is taking on new patients in my area either NHS or private. What on earth do you do in this situation? This experience has set me back years in terms of being able to get myself into a dental chair.
First off, I'm really sorry you had to go through this, what a mess.
As a first step to getting things sorted out, could you ask your doctor if they would refer you to a Community dentist (if you're in England) or Public Dental Service if you're in Scotland?
Thank you Gordon. I hadn't even thought of a referral from a doctor (mind you they're getting rarer than hens teeth too) but I'll keep that in mind.
I'm still shaken up by this but yesterday plucked up courage to talk to the practice manager. First off I asked if I could be moved to another dentist at the practice, but that was a no, none of them have available space.
I explained I really don't have much faith in this dentist, the plan was changed and I left still with one broken molar and a front tooth I had thought would be fixed but wasn't. The one tooth she did work on is horrible looking, honestly I can't look at it in the mirror.
The manager said the dentist could put this right but it would involve phoning up at 8.30 for an emergency/cancellation appointment on the day as they are fully booked months out.

I'd just much rather someone else see to it now.
Do you know what would be involved in the fixing of this composite filling, is it possible it could be recoloured without the whole thing being drilled out again? I'm not sure I could face that.
I can't say without looking, any chance of posting a photo of it? You can PM it if you don't want to make it public.
Thanks again, I'll try to get a good picture and send it your way, not particularly tech savvy so will do my best. Heading away for easter and had really hoped that would be with two nice front teeth, reminds me of that old Christmas song!