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Years of neglect, embarrassment fears - teeth pretty much sorted



Junior member
Sep 15, 2013
My poor mouth, I have neglected my teeth since primary school (I'm now nearly 30) - for almost as long as I can remember.
As a result trips to the dentist didn't really happen. I then developed a fear.
I spent years putting up with abscesses - the occasional week of the most intense pain I've ever felt. Then one day I decided it was too much. I phoned a dentist (recognised for nervous patients) went to see him a couple of times but quickly realised that he was definitely in the job for the money, the final straw was when he told me he wanted to charge me £200 for a tooth to be extracted which he himself admitted could be saved. He also told me I had to see the hygienist before he would do the work. This is something I feel very reluctant to do as I detest anything minty, I could rather clean my teeth with dog poo. So it never happened.
Three months later I developed an abscess in that tooth, I was desperate - I went to see another dentist he quoted me £300 to save the tooth, this was an offer I couldn't refuse. He put me on antibiotics that probably cleared up the infection but didn't do anything to the pain. Two weeks later I went in and work starting on my root canal. He gradually sorted all my teeth out and when he could he would do two/three teeth at once to save me trips which I really appreciated and its still an issue getting me into the dentists chair.
My final appointment I mentioned pain in my wisdom tooth and explained that I keep getting food caught, he referred me straight away for an nhs removal but there were a few hick ups and 10 months later I dragged myself back to the dentist to tell him the referral hadn't gone through and I was now in quite a bit of pain from the tooth - daily. I was referred again - this time my appointment couldn't come quick enough. I had my wisdom tooth extracted 3 days ago on Saturday.
I thought what a turn around - from years of putting up with pain, to being excited (all be it a bit scared too) about a trip to the dentist.

I also mentioned to the dental nurse while I was heavily sedated that I was worried my teeth would be the worst they had seen. I was told that they're not too bad, she's seen worse. This is reassuring - either I'm blessed with good teeth or my dentist has done well - or both!
I have to say, when you mentioned getting excited (even if still scared) about a trip to the dentist I was a bit envious. Maybe one day....:grin: Good for you for turning things around and thank you for sharing your story. :thankyou:

Best wishes,