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Yellow Teeth, Broken Teeth/Filings.



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In a nutshell i am ashamed of how careless i have been towards my teeth and have not taken very good care of them since i can remember and im looking for a way to get white shining teeth! I would brush daily and on most occasions brush nightly too. Although they remain yellow. I have some broken teeth, 4 of my back teeth have grey filings and its starting to have a major effect that not only can i not smile because of my yellow teeth but because my grey filings!!

The fact that im still young (22) i want to be able to smile in confidence.

My questions are as follows:

1. Is it possible to replace all my grey/silver filings with white ones?
2. How much would a dental surgery cost for complete teeth whitening?
3. Any cracked teeth or any root canal needed etc will be advised and will be able to have a procedure on?
4. The cost of the above? Estimation?

As i said before the fact that im still young i want to be able to smile and have nice white teeth that i can now take care of, obviously i understand that its my fault that they are in this mess but i do need to start somewhere eh!? Also i've not been to the dentist in about 5 years due to such embarrassment of the state they are in. In regards to the financial aspect in obtaining gorgeous white teeth is frightening, but i do expect a big bill on the above.

If anyone has experienced what i have, or had any success stories then i would very much appreciate your help.

Hi Ryan :welcome:,

I'll cut straight to the chase (disclaimer: I'm not a dentist), hopefully others will add their knowledge:

1. It is certainly possible. However, you should be aware that every time you remove one filling and put another in its place, you run the risk of killing the nerve of the tooth and then needing root canal treatment (and a crown to protect the tooth). So if there is nothing wrong with the silver filling, you may want to leave it well alone. They can last for a very long time. It really depends on how unhappy you are about them, and how visible they really are - most people don't stare into your mouth cos it's considered quite a rude thing to do :grin: (dentists excepted!).

2. I think around £300-£400? (though prices to vary from practice to practice)

3. Can you rephrase this question? Not quite sure I understand it :confused:

4. That's virtually impossible to answer over the internet because there are so many variables involved, and you'd really need a treatment plan.
The best thing you can do is go to a dentist for a consultation. You will pay for this consultation - usually about £80 or so I think. It involves the dentist's time, expertise and xrays as well - and you will get a treatment plan and advice as well. You will also get an idea if you can work with the dentist or not.
As for costs, I will add that a root canal treatment on a molar is about £475 - less for a front tooth.
Good luck and if you find another good dentist in Glasgow please recommend them on here :)