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Yes, I admit that I am quite anxious for this procedure coming soon.



Junior member
Mar 22, 2014
Las Vegas, NV

I hope everybody is safe during the pandemic. For the longest time, I have been afraid of going to the dentist as my past experiences have been pretty bad with a few dentists, and yet, I had a few that were quite good. The good ones, I was given IV sedation, and once I had taken a healthy dose of Ambien. One other time, I had nitrous oxide. Mainly, my trust in going to the dentist has been rather bad. There were some that I trusted well. Others, not very well. Over many years, I did not go to the dentist. Because of that, my teeth became more decayed. Due to poor mouth hygiene. I developed what is called an infected sinus condition, which can become severe if I don't take care of the surgical procedure. Itis is dependent upon removing two teeth that are causing it. I thought, just maybe, I better take care of this. I have been on antibiotics to help control the infection. An ENT doctor will do the surgical procedure. It is just not two teeth that I need to have removed, but also, I have another seven teeth that must go. I am not looking forward to having nine teeth pulled at one time. My concern is this. How long can this take on the dental chair? I will have nitrous oxide. I have read in the search engines that it can take 5 hours, which includes fitting for dentures. During the 5 hours, will I have breaks and be removed from nitrous oxide? Can I be put on it several times? Will dentures be immediately made? Will I have to wear them after the procedure? What about aftercare? Doesn't your guns have to heal before dentures are in the mouth? Wouldn't there be a lot more pain with the dentures? Are the dentures permanent, or is it temporary?

I am apprehensive because of the procedure. I hope I will be comfortable as I have neck and shoulder pain due to spinal problems and possible bone spurs in the cervical area. I haven't read the posts here yet, but I certainly will. I guess that is all the questions I have. Thank you very much for your answers. Be safe from COVID-19, and have a great day.




Staff member
Verified dentist
Oct 25, 2005
5 hours? For extractions? More like 15 minutes on a bad day. I assume the 5 hrs is going to be for the ENT surgeon to do their thing?

There's no issue with using Nitrous for 5 hrs if that's how long it takes.

Dentures can be made in advance if desired, it helps healing a bit by covering over the sockets but the dentures will need some adjusting in the first few days afterwards.
The dentures will be temporary if they're made to fit before the extractions, if you waited a few months after the extractions then they would last longer.

Hope this helps, sorry if I missed anything.