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Yet another dentist to leave, still in pain and ATM I feel like giving up.



Sep 21, 2016
I can't get an NHS dentist. Besides the last one I saw left decay under a filling anyway, so I figured as I wasn't getting on top of my issues, they were seemingly making them worse with the 'watch and wait' approach (and the filling over decay), unwilling to even entertain discussions re my wish for partials and putting back chewing teeth in my head (albeit prosthetic), I figured id go private.

I saw multiple different ones at £100 consultation fees, then on the third or fourth attempt I found someone who seemed patient (like the website would always promise).. a year later she leaves to start her own practice, leaving me with another 'watch at wait' dentist with no kindness or patience, who left the room for 10 minutes and had multiple interruptions with ppl coming in an out. So I figure I'd try again...

I found one an hour away and am willing to do it because he's kind and seems good. Only I find out today he's retiring next yr. Whilst I'm all for people doing their own thing (of course) I can't help but feel fed up with the whole thing. I thought I'd mitigated that issue by finding a dentist who owns his own practice, he didn't look retirement age at all.. wrong.

I've spent over 2k in the last two years and I still don't have my partial dentures to replace missing teeth (the idea was to get the natural teeth stable but I'm no where near that point) - In fact I'm left chewing on my front left side only as the right side hurts after the last filling.. (I had to rebook to discuss that as half the practice had covid). So I can't say that any of the treatments, bar the bonding of my two front teeth (to strengthen) has worked. I still feel pain in multiple teeth, more teeth than when I started this whole thing - presumably lots of my teeth need more than fillings, likely rct and crowns at over 1.5k each, x 5 probably... I'm also entering perimenopause, and after reading about lots of women then beginning to experience tooth issues due to loss of bone density/lack of estrogen I have little hope when my mouth is already a complete mess!

I just feel defeated. I go to bed dreading the aches/twinges in 8 teeth will flare up into something more, constantly trying to decide if I should just extract more teeth and stop pouring my savings into this pointless effort.. trying to decide between 'should I extract and suffer the bone loss and finally be pain free, but accept my face will collapse', or 'should I throw more money at it and hope that by some miracle something actually works, but I risk the possibility of brittle teeth and possibly the rct failing after 10years....'

I'm on SSRIs for ibs, my mouth is constantly dry, my twinges and aches etc in my mouth affect me every single day, I go to bed thinking about it, wake up thinking about it (in amongst the insomnia from perimenopause) my teeth spoil everything and I don't book holidays anymore just incase.. I dread winter and getting sick whilst battling toothaches. I'm afraid to eat incase I break a tooth or chew on the wrong side and it hurts. Ive come to accept this as the norm because that's the only way I can keep on trying, but it shouldn't be normal.

I know I bought this on myself, not understanding the importance of brushing as a kid, rarely going to the dentist, being terrified when I did start, depression and poor self care... All of it, boy am I paying for it.

Honestly I'm sick of it all, I try and be positive and push through it but I'm fed up, it feels like a complete waste of money and shouldn't be this way, I suppose I'm lucky I can even see someone privately but I will have no money left at the end of all this, I've spent so much already and am no where near out of pain .

Moan over. I'm sorry.
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Sorry you’re going through this.
I understand how you feel, I have toothache virtually everyday and have now for about 18 months.
I’ve spent probably £2.5k-3k in that time and I’m in more pain now than I was before.
I need a root canal and crown on one tooth soon so that’s another £1k+ gone soon.
I’ve yet to lose any teeth apart from a wisdom tooth, but have a lot of teeth that are patched up with fillings some quite large and a good 4-5 that give me on and off pain.

It’s annoying it’s so expensive, I’d honestly rather break my arm or leg than break a tooth. At least fixing a broken arm wouldn’t cost me anything.