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Yet Another Newbie...



Aug 18, 2008
Hey all, I'm new to the forum(obviously). I found out about this site from my twin sister Deborah(aka: Deb89). I also have a fear of the dentist, though I'm not sure it's as bad as my sisters. The last time I went to the dentist was early 2005, and I still have to get another cavity filled. The reason I fear the dentist(and I'll keep it quick) is because of bad experiences as a kid. Deb and I had a horrible, cruel dentist who really should not have worked with kids, or anyone for that matter. Obviously those memories have stayed with me, and when I had to get a filling, I was crying like a baby when they numbed my mouth....A needle going in my mouth is not my idea of fun. So yeah, I thought it would be nice to come here, and be able to just talk with ya'll. :)

Oh and I should tell you my name *Facepalm* It's Andrea. :p
Andrea? Doesn't ring a bell! :p :XXLhug:

Welcome to the forum, sister of mine. I'm sure you'll get the support you need from everyone here. Hell, they've helped me get back to the dentist and you know that's saying something! :jump:
You see what I have to put up with? <_< Thanks Debbie and I'm sure I will! :)

Let us know how you are doing!

Welcome to the Forum! I've only been here a short while myself, but being able to write my fears down and have people who really do understand read them and respond has helped a great deal with the fearful anticipation while I wait for my first dental evaluation appointment next month.

I also noticed the "y'all" in your post. I'm from the South, too. :)
Nattis: I will! :)

Sofia: OH! Haha, I'm not actually from the south, I just have a habit of saying ya'll. :p I'm from NY like my sister.
That's neat! I didn't realize that the phrase had traveled as far as NY. Glad to have you no matter where you're from. :)
:welcome: To the site. Your definately in the right place for dental fear.