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Yikes tomorrow is the day

  • Thread starter Laura robitaille
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Laura robitaille

Feb 13, 2013
Going to dentist appt tomorrow. I am terrified.
They are going to take X-rays and tell me how terrible my teeth are and I am going to have a huge panic attack and lose control. Don't know how I'm gong to sleep tonight and my teeth are killing me right now. So scared
I feel the same and my appt isnt for 2 weeks.... 2 weeks to stress out and worry. Youll be ok. What i am trying to tell myself is they are there to help, and surely even with broken teeth etc we wont be the worst ever.... and even if. Whats worst case? Dentures? Im not sure that would be so bad tbh, no more aches, nice white straight teeth, openly smile etc. Infact, im going in to ask about top dentures... im done with my top teeth. 3 are broken, one all the way to the gumline, 1 half broken and one with a chunk missing and a giant hole. And honestly, likely every other tooth has issues too... you will be ok!!!
Hey its going to be okay Laura. *hugs* you got this!!! good for you for hanging on this long look how far you come, dont give up!!
Its actually really better your going to be having them looked at so they can fix any problems you have trust it was waaay better to just get it done and over with. After the app you should definately treat yourself with something though. ^^
Thank you for the support. I have been up all night because my one tooth hurts.appt in 3 hours , and I'm a mess. How are they going to clean and do X-rays when I'm in this pain?? O god
Sending lots of good thoughts your way!
Awwww, the biggest comfort is that it will be soooooo much better afterwards. Don't worry think about this. From now on it will only get better no matter what the diagnosis is. Diagnosis is the beginning of healing even if it sounds scary, it only states what is in the past and behind you. If it sounds bad or scary think - it is the past. And whatever will follow form there will be relieving.
Don't let the doc judge you - if they do change practice.
Don't self shame, blame yourself - you have already been through enough. Past cant be changed anyway.
If you are scared ever about pain - no dental procedure will ever be as painful as your tooth ace.
For the doctors this is their job, their profession, whatever they find they are trained to treat you so you should be in good hands. They have seen and dealt with worse then your situation and might actually like it if you are a bit more challenging patient then someone who goes in for teeth whitening.

As for tomorrow they can give you painkiller on injection, they will do Xrays, cleaning and they can treat the tooth that is hurting :) You will be fine, the pain the fear will be over after the appointment :hug4:
Thinking of you today! My appointment is in about 6 hours. Hopefully they can give you some relief. Let us know how it goes!
Well, it didn't go so great. Besides the anxiety of waiting to go then getting through the exam while I was in pain already...I got bad news about what i need done. Two extractions, a root canal and a bunch of fillings. Possible a few of those filling will be root canals also.i want to be proud I went but right now I am so overwhelmed I am crying my heart out. I just can't do this, I cant
Laura - be very proud that you went. That is a big step for someone feeling your fear. Each visit will be a little easier for you and will put you one step closer to the end result of a healthy mouth. I know how terribly overwhelming it can be to hear you need so much work done. I remember at one on my checkups I was told I have 21 cavities. That was very depressing. My last check up I was told I need 1 extraction, 2 implants, 4 crowns (or maybe it was 5), 2 filling replacements. So far I've had the extraction, 1 crown and the 2 replacements. It's seems a long way to the end. Remind yourself that you are in good hands and you can do this!! I have had plenty of root canals and they are nowhere near as bad as rumors make them sound. There is very little drilling; most of the time is spent cleaning out the root with tiny files. You can do it!!
Aww :there-there: Hope you are feeling a bit better today.
Try to think of it the other way round, these are not bad news, this is good news. It means that they know what the problem is and there is a solution and soon you will be healthy :) I was totally overwhelmed emotionally after my first check up as well, and now 9 extractions, 1 rootcanal, 1 crown, 1 onlay, 3 impressions and about 10 fillings later (still 5 implants to go) I promise you there is sunshine on the other side. I am still not hundred percent on board with extractions but for the rest non of those procedures are bad. Fillings are surprisingly uneventful, and rootcanals have a very bad reputation. Mainly because how they were done 20-30 years ago but as Sharon before me said they are nowhere near as bad. Non of these will be painful, and especially root canals make your tooth not feel anything for the future. Meaning no more tooth aces in those teeth. :)
Be proud that you made that first step. I KNOW it can be overwhelming. Give yourself time to get used to the news and then take it one step at a time. You got to the dentist - that is often the hardest step. Hope you are feeling better today.
Laura, read the mail I sent to you.
Over a couple of times.

I am that one who had extractions and got dentures for my 4 front teeth on Friday 8 days ago and I cannot go to the dentist building without diazepam!!

Be honest with yourself - you need for you a way to ease the anxiety - I broke down at my docs trying to ask to speak to a doc!!

Think also about my mail - what do YOU want and what do YOU need. Don't give your dentist a great pile of revenue if your dentist is actually un-empathetic.
I had lots of dentists like that - I was lucky and found one - poured my damn heart out to him - he got it!

Friday 25th Nov (8 days ago) I had my 4 front teeth out. I was terrified I would not be able to speak, eat then terrified of big clean up after. I could tell you a whole list of terrifieds - but all of it - ALL has been easier than I ever envisaged.

Diazepam helped hugely for me but - my positivity is helping - diazepam helps with this and who the darn cares if you need it?!!
And you're the same age as me. I'm with ya.

I have a dentist with whom I have a choice and that alongside help for my nerves has made what I have been through a great experience (the best ever with any dentist) - and I am shocked that I am writing that - but it's 100% true.

((hugs)) xx

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