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Zaps of electric pain in 3 year old RC tooth



Dec 8, 2011
I had a lower canine tooth root canalled just about 3 years ago. Ever since, every few months I get zaps of electric pain(slight sharp stab) which in my opinion appear to be coming from the tooth or gum but basically something in that general area where the RCT tooth is. The tooth is not crowned but was restored with a composite filling at the direction of the endodontist. At times, I also feel that the tooth is a little sore to the touch. But neither the tenderness or the zaps are extreme and often go away for periods of time. The general area has been checked and the root canal seems fine and nothing remarkable in the surrounding area. Just wondering if people experience a finicky root canal tooth that acts up every now and again. Not sure what the options are. Nowhere near wanting to get the tooth extracted and I’m not sure if a retreatment is even needed. Wondering if it’s a neuralgia or atypical Odontalgia? Anyone experience something similar. Thanks
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I've got a root canal treated tooth which behaves the same way. I'm reluctant to say they all do that, but they can be a bit weird sometimes. I think that the proprioception (the body's ability to know where it is in space) can get a bit "off" with the RCT and the tooth can get the occasional extra heavy slam when chewing, which gives the symptoms. Can't prove it but it makes a bit of sense to me.

It's not neuralgia, trust me, you'd know!
Thanks for the info. Worried about a failing root canal. Not sure I understand what failing root canal symptoms are. So these zaps typically don’t indicate root canal failure? I will say when I become hysterical about the zaps... I have taken doctor prescribed elavil and klonopin and I do notice that they stop which would lead me to believe the root canal is not failing but has more to do with my own mental sensitivity to stimuli. But I have to convince myself every time. Like many on this site, you don’t want to become rash and start pulling teeth. Thx
No, I don't think they indicate a failing root canal.

For that you'd expect to see changes on x-ray, accompanied by a lot more persistent pain, sensitivity to heat and biting and possibly some looseness of the tooth.