How to find an NHS Dentist

We would recommend paying for private treatment if you can afford it (especially in England and Wales – for a more detailed explanation, see here). But financially this may not be an option for you. The following FAQ explain your rights as an NHS patient, costs, etc.: Dental treatment on the NHS – Frequently Asked Questions


NHS England – Find a Dentist: You can search for NHS dentists in England here, and see who accepts new NHS patients. You can also rate dentists here!!


NHS Scotland Dental Helplines Google for your local dental helpline in Scotland (for NHS dentists). We’ve had reports that they are very helpful when you make it clear that you’re looking for a dentist who is good with very nervous or phobic people, so do give them a call.


NHS Dentist Search Wales Search for NHS dentists in Wales.

Community Dental Service

In many areas of the UK, the community dental service caters not only to people with disabilities, but also to people with dental phobia. Find out more here: Special Needs Dentistry