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I am a dentist – how do I register?

If you are a dentist who likes to help people overcome their fears, please add your information – it’s free. You can use this form. If you’d like to add your information directly on our forum (rather than have us add it on your behalf), log in once you’ve registered, go to the Dentist Reviews and Recommendations section, and add your information in the appropriate geographical area.

Let us know

• how exactly you help people with dental fears and/or phobias (the more detail you can provide about your approach and philosophy, the better)

• where you are located and your contact details/website address

• what aspects of dentistry you particularly enjoy, and any specialties you may have additional training in

• a little about yourself (hobbies etc.)

Generic advertisements for dental practices (rather than for individual dentists) will be deleted.

I am a patient – how do I recommend my dentist (or hygienist)?

See above – you can either post directly on our forum, or use our contact form.

Please give a description of how they have helped you, what they are like, and of course their name and contact details!

Reviews for dental practices which do not mention the name of the actual dentist being recommended will be deleted.