We have found this to be an extensive and excellent resource for patients who suffer from dental anxiety. They go through the common fears in detail with very well-written related pages – hats off to the makers of this wonderful website! – Marius Street Family Dental, Tamworth, Australia

I just want to thank you all so much for putting this site and forum together. There are a lot of supportive people on here. The resources on the site helped me to get my thoughts organized and communicate with my dentist, as I can’t think clearly or talk much when I’m in a dental office.  The sample letter and different questionnaires have really helped me to communicate some important issues to my dentist.

Just want to say a big thank you – I had a very bad fear of the dentist but because of the help your site gave me I now have a beautiful mouthful of teeth and it was all down to the information you supplied me.

Thank you for your amazing site. It was after reading it that I gathered the courage to make an appointment with a dentist. It was so wonderful to discover that my dentist had the same compassion you talk about, along with a pragmatic approach in regards to the work I need to have done. Until I stumbled upon your site, I truly thought I was alone in my fear and anxiety; that there was something wrong with me. So thank you again!

Many things you have said, about sexual abuse and fears based on past experiences are so true. I’ve had to go through this all on my own never realising there was a support system that I could turn to, or even that I could ever voice my fears. Little by little I’ve learnt how to cope, but I’m VERY GLAD that you’ve created this website that could help people faster and above all make them feel better about all those fears.

The loss of control page is superb. Really comprehensive … even picked up a few tips to help me help my patients from it. Most of the stuff on that page I am already doing, but every now and again I pick up a little tip such as asking the patient what they would like me to do first… The section on abuse and dental phobia is going to be very useful for me as I am not familiar with the implications of this.

What a great resource – so reassuring – perhaps I’m not quite as big a freak as I thought- big thankyous!

Thanks for putting this site up. You guys are awesome and I just wanted to thank someone who took time out of their life and put this out on the Internet so people like me can finally get some answers.

Just found this site and this is SUPER helpful, a lovely site. Many people have a lot of fear like myself and this is so good and set out in a way to understand. GREAT… keep up the good work.

I finally found a dentist I like, who treats me kindly and are very gently!

Using your site I was able to find solutions to my huge fear of needles and pain. After almost 2 years of suffering with a mouthful of broken teeth, your site helped me to look for a good dentist and offered me information on different forms of sedation. Thanks to your help, yesterday I had seven teeth extracted that had been causing me pain for a long time.

Not only that, but your site also gave me the information I needed to learn good dental habits to keep my good teeth good!

Thanks so very much!

I love this site. It’s definitely given me something to think about while I look for a dentist. And it’s great to know not all dentists are compassionless buttholes.

I have a crazy phobia of the dentist – I just want to say thank you for this website. It’s reassuring to come to this site and realise I’m not alone in my fears. I’m about to have a root canal and reading the information you have on root canals made me feel better. I appreciate that. Thank you.

I really can’t express my thanks for this website and how much it helped me. I felt physically sick just at the thought of picking up the phone to make an appointment. It is a great help to know that there are others who have the same levels of fear as me. I felt absolutely alone and such a wimp. Have now been for the dreaded check up and the next appointment is booked. Thanks again.

Dental Fear Central is an international non-profit organisation established in 2004. The volunteers who maintain and moderate the website include people who have experienced dental phobia, dentists, psychologists, researchers and other professionals who support people with dental anxiety. The information is presented in a way that normalises this common fear. There is a range of information for both professionals wanting to improve their practice, and individuals wishing to inform themselves before seeking treatment. The website includes interviews with dentists highlighting what has helped their clients, information on patient rights, communication and creating a safe environment. It also includes details of procedures so clients know what to expect, self-help psychological techniques, and an online support forum. – New Zealand Mental Health Foundation Newsletter, 3 July 2019