Tips and Advice

How can you overcome dental phobia or tackle specific fears? Find out in our tips, articles, and advice pages below!

For dental professionals, there is a separate section on helping patients overcome dental anxiety.

Tips from Fellow Dental Phobics

Dental Phobia Ideas

Tips For Overcoming Dental Phobia

Advice from dental phobics for dental phobics: here are some of the top tips that people have shared over the years.

Photo of a girl who has been abused

Tips for Abuse Survivors

Someone who is a survivor of childhood abuse has written this page, which also contains links to useful resources.

Tips from Dentists

VIP area - the most important person at the dentist is you

Some Thoughts On The Treatment Of Anxious And Phobic Dental Patients

Dentist Douglas Miller shares his tips for approaching a new dentist or communicating with an existing one. How can you find a dentist you can trust?

How to win someone's heart

How to Woo Your Dentist (in 9 Easy Steps)

Find out how to build a great relationship with your dentist (<- that’s a euphemism for making them like you). Some of the tips may surprise you – and none of them involve scary dental stuff!

A man questioning things

How Much Should I Tell My New Dentist?

Are you wondering how much you can disclose to a potential new dentist about your fears or your past? Dentist Fraser Hendrie tackles this question.

Tips for Specific Concerns and Fears

Scared person hiding from the dentist

You can find tips for specific concerns, such as feeling powerless in the dental chair, painful injections, the drill, gagging, not getting numb, choking, fainting, and many more in the Common Fears section.