Dental Fear Worksheets and Letters to Dentist

Dental Fear Questionnaire

To help you work out exactly what you are scared of and what might help, you can use these worksheets:

My Fears (PDF)

What Might Help (PDF)

Once you are at a stage where you want to make contact with dentists in your area, you can edit (or totally change!) the following sample email:

Sample Email to Dentists (.DOCX)

You can attach the following questionnaire to your email. Or bring it along for the first get-to-know you meeting with your potential dentist:

Dental Fears Patient Form (PDF)

If you like, you can add things you may be too embarrassed or nervous to say in person using this form:

Note to the dentist (PDF)

The forms on this page are free to use by anyone, including dental practices. There is no need to ask our permission.