Interviews with (and tips from) dentists

What makes dentists tick? Why did they choose to go into dentistry? And what would they like their nervous or phobic patients to know?

Find out from the horse’s mouth in these articles and interviews!

Tips from Dentists

Some thoughts on the treatment of anxious and phobic dental patients

Dentist Douglas Miller shares his tips for approaching a new dentist or communicating with an existing one. How can you find a dentist you can trust?

How to Woo Your Dentist (in 9 Easy Steps)

Find out how to build a great relationship with your dentist (<- that’s a euphemism for making them like you). Some of the tips may surprise you – and none of them involves scary dental stuff!

Difficult conversations – How much should I tell my new dentist?

Are you wondering how much you can disclose to a potential new dentist about your fears or your past? Dentist Fraser Hendrie tackles this question.

Interviews with Dentists

Join our DFC Volunteer Nikoleta Gehrmann on a journey of discovery across the UK and Europe. What motivates dental professionals who have an interest in helping nervous patients? Click on any of the faces below to find out more!

An interview with…
Mike Gow

Photo of dentist Dr. Mike Gow BDS

Dentist Mike Gow goes parachuting in a quest to understand fear, and explains his approach to helping people with dental phobias!

An interview with…
Gordon Laurie

Photo of dentist Gordon Laurie

Dental Fear Central’s co-founder Gordon Laurie talks about his interest in special needs dentistry (including dental phobia of course!).

An interview with…
Omar Iqbal

Dentist Omar Iqbal, Glasgow

Omar Iqbal, a dentist at Complete Dental Care in Glasgow, gives the lowdown on dental sedation and his approach to helping anxious patients.

An interview with…
Lincoln Hirst

Photo of dentist Lincoln Hirst

The Real Deal: Lincoln Hirst, a dentist at Garden City Dental, talks about the technique that shaped his career, con tricks, and useful gadgets.

An interview with…
Tiril Willumsen

Tiril Willumsen, University of Oslo

Tiril Willumsen and her colleagues at the University of Oslo talk about their research into dental fear and victims of sexual abuse and torture.

An interview with…
Niall Neeson

Photo of dentist Niall Neeson

Niall Neeson, a dentist at Boyne Dental in Ireland, explains his approach to helping people with dental anxiety, fear, and phobia.

An interview with…
Daniel Finkelman

Dentist Daniel Finkelman, The Hague Dental Care

Daniel Finkelman, a dentist at The Hague Dental Care, talks about his interest in psychology and CBT, and why he no longer believes that CBT is the answer.